Big Data: Living Up To The Hype?

Ahead of the Big Data Innovation Summit we review our predictions for the Big Data landscape in 2016 and see how many of these have been realized:

  • Quantum computing, combined with advanced machine learning techniques, is set allow even faster and more agile analysis of huge amounts of different data structures.
  • Organizations will have to deal with increasing scrutiny around the effectiveness of necessary data security initiatives.
  • As the amount of data increases exponentially, data scientists will need to learn to analyze larger data sets in turn.
  • Particularly with the lacking labor supply, it’s becoming more important to use the use of data, making it accessible and relevant for business functions.

So was it all just hype? Are organizations actually managing to take full advantage of all the different sorts of data available to them? How are they securing their data so profits are not leaked? How are companies dealing with the lack of data scientists? Only an industry-led gathering of experts in the field could help to to answer these questions, and conclude how the Big Data landscape is developing in 2016.

As our headlining keynotes for day two, Chi-Yi Kuan, Director of Business Analytics at LinkedIn, will take you through an in-depth case study as to how LinkedIn is democratizing their big data visualizations to allow for more effective and wide-spread analytical insights. Jim Menard, General Manager of the Weather Company’s Weather Underground’, will discuss how his company is utilizing data gathered from a number of weather sources, including consumer input from apps and social media, to develop a hyper-local forecast.

“This Big Data Conference Is Simply Awesome” – Dataconomy

Hear leading experts from Uber, eBay, Airbnb, US. Department of Commerce, Twitter and many more exploring the pivotal developments for 2016’s Big Data progression. With over 800 senior-level delegates taking part in this intimate networking opportunity, this is the Big Data event of 2016 not to be missed.

See the overview of the summit here:

It’s also worth checking out the pre-launch Big Data & Analytics Festival Meetup, held in San Francisco on April 20, for a sneak peak of what’s to come at the upcoming Big Data Innovation Summit.

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