Axino Solutions Acquires Ascom’s Systems & Solutions Business Unit

Axino Solutions, a developer and provider of leading-edge OSS/BSS solutions, officially announced it has acquired Ascom’s Systems & Solutions business unit. The transaction is part of a strategic decision to accelerate the global roll out of its OSS/BSS product line for the global telecommunications market.

Michael Wallrath, Vice President of Ascom’s Network Testing business unit, was named Managing Director of Axino. The appointment of Wallrath, who oversaw and led Ascom’s Systems & Solutions division for the past 17 years, brings extensive telecom experience and leadership to the company and the business acumen to help ensure a transparent transition.

“The new investment will accelerate the global distribution of our award-winning OSS/BSS solutions and innovations”, said Wallrath. “The company represents nothing less than a true one-stop shop in every sense for our customers that need the right kind of experience, expertise and combination of service solutions to help them migrate from costly legacy systems to more efficient modules and platforms.”

The transaction was completed in December and will allow the business unit to continue its fast growth untethered and focus exclusively on the continued development of its best-in-class software solutions. The Ascom spin-off instantly thrusts Axino into the top-tier of companies worldwide in the telecommunications business software and systems solutions space. Axino, which is privately held, also develops software innovations for companies involved in the automotive, energy, retail and public municipality sectors.

Axino: OSS/BSS Solutions from A to Z

The fresh round of investment underscores the value and commitment our customers have placed in Axino and Ascom, according to Wallrath. He said Axino will increase spending across all areas of the business, most notably in development, systems engineering and customer service. Wallrath also said that Axino will bring on 75 employees from Ascom to bolster staffing.

The company plans to step up the global roll out of services such as its new Fraud Management & Revenue Assurance Solution, FAST, which was brought to market in late 2015. The solution, called game-changing by industry experts, enables carriers to spot and stop fraudulent back-alley operators from using illegal SIMBOX schemes to avoid interconnect fees in real time. Unlike other solutions that are costly, incomplete and technically outdated, Axino’s solution uses SVM (Support Vector Machines and ML (Machine Learning) technologies to instantly access and correlate xDRs, Aggregated xDRs and Subscriber xDRs, providing carriers the upper hand in identifying suspicious traffic patterns and origins before any revenue loss occurs.

Axino also plans to add additional services to the B2BSimpleX platform that was developed with several global carrier partners and carrier forums, including GBET and GSC. The platform earned Best Service Innovation at the 2014 Global Carriers Awards conference sponsored by Capacity Media and provides carriers automated capabilities to negotiate and exchange interconnect contracts with trading partners far more quickly and efficiently. Additional solutions, including the IPS platform and modules that automate carrier billing processes across the board, will also be rolled out to the carrier community.

“We are extraordinarily positioned as the solutions developer and systems integrator of choice, said Wallrath. “We look forward to continuing our work and partnership with carriers worldwide to develop the type of solutions and products that will help them grow and prosper.”

About Axino

Axino Solutions is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and is a leading-edge communications solutions and services provider worldwide. The company develops innovative software and systems for planning and implementation of comprehensive customer-specific software IT solutions for various customer segments, such as telecommunications, automotive, energy, retail and public municipalities.

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